Richard Placido
Posted 7/8/2018
Organization or Business name: Placido Holdings LLC
Julie Morales Mendoza
Posted 2/28/2018
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Denise Padgette
Posted 2/11/2018
Tribal Affiliation: Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation
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Can people order online? I don’t see the option to purchase?

April Parker
Posted 2/9/2018
Organization or Business name:
Tribal Affiliation: Seneca Nation of Indians
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hello ...

Kathy Stout
Posted 2/1/2018
Tribal Affiliation: Chickasaw
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Tharren Reece Brown Sr.
Posted 12/16/2017
Organization or Business name: NCIDC
Tribal Affiliation: Yurok

Thank You!

Muriel Strand
Posted 12/6/2017
Organization or Business name:
Tribal Affiliation: French ;-)
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best wishes!

Suzanne E Atiyeh
Posted 11/12/2017
Organization or Business name: Daughter of former Oregon Gov. Victor Atiyeh
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Thank you for another wonderful Elder’s dinner. The food was perfect. The helpers were very kind and thoughtful. Everyone had a good time.
The dancing was great.
So happy to see the community is so strong.

See you next year.

Suzanne A.

Tonya Ryden
Posted 11/10/2017
Organization or Business name: NCIDC LAKE COUNTY
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I'm currently employed with NCIDC in Lake County, CA. This is an excellent employer to work for & I'm proud of the meaningful work we do as employees of this non profit organization. Thank you for the opportunity to be affiliated with such a purposeful group of hard working individuals.

Dixie L Frye
Posted 11/9/2017
Tribal Affiliation: Yurok
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NCIDC has always been there when I needed help and they are wonderful for all they do. Their workers are awesome and are on top of things.

Susan Noble
Posted 10/30/2017
Tribal Affiliation: Karuk, Hupa and Chimariko
Referred by: Just Surfed In

Born and raised here but moved away 40 years ago, just moved back and hoping to meet new and old friends.

Cheers, Susan

Lois A Whipple
Posted 10/28/2017
Tribal Affiliation: Round Valley Indian tribes, Covelo, Ca

Eddie n I have attended many yrs in your celebration. Sadly Eddie passed away in May, this yr. I'm hopeful to attend this yr. as a memory to him, as he was a proud vet. Thank you Lois A Whipple

Leslie deLong
Posted 9/11/2017
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Daisha Elizabeth Ramsdell
Posted 9/10/2017
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My name is Daisha Ramsdell, and I am excited and grateful to see all the amazing programs offered by NCIDC for the native people. I am part cherokee Indian from my grandpa on my moms side. Looking through the website ignited a curiosity to explore about the culture and heritage. Thank you again and God Bless.

Francell Armstrong
Posted 6/27/2017
Christian Ballew
Posted 5/28/2017
Organization or Business name: NCIDC

I am happy to find myself a member of an organization that has been involved in so many great things. Cheers!
- Christian

Arlene Martinez
Posted 3/20/2017
Tribal Affiliation: oneida
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Teresa Smith
Posted 2/9/2017
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Merrie Leesa Hammond
Posted 11/10/2016

I look forward to another fantastic Intertribal gathering of people of all kind. Thank you for putting this together 35 years and counting.

Robert and Judy Jones
Posted 10/18/2016
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Hello. Please contact me at the above address regarding the Intertribal Elders Gathering. Thank You!

Editor Response) The website guestbook is not the best way to contact us. Our contact information on the website includes our 800 number, please call with questions.

241 F Street, Eureka, California 95501
(707) 445-8451 (voice)
(707) 445-8479 (fax)
(800) 566-2381