Indigenous Education Advocate News and Media Coverage

Indigenous Education Advocate News
and Media Coverage


Times-Standard—December 4, 2020 click here
‘This is a call to action’: Humboldt County educators discuss empowerment of Indigenous students

KEET-TV Headline Humboldt—August 21, 2020 click here
James Faulk talks with Theodora Simon of the Northern California ACLU about school funding,
graduating students under-prepared for college, and the challenges indigenous students face.

Courtesy: KEET-TV, Eureka, California

KEET-TV North Coast Perspectives—August 21, 2020 click here
With NCIDC’s Indigenous Education Advocate, Rain Marshall
Courtesy: KEET-TV, Eureka, California

Native News Online—August 5, 2020 click here
Indigenous Education Advocacy Project Aims to Empower Native Students and Families

KIDE Hoopa Radio Friday Edition—August 7, 2020 click here
Interview with Rain Marshall, NCIDC Indigenous Education Advocate

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