CSBG Notice

Community Service Block Grant

Northern California Indian Development Council contracts with the State Department of Community Services and Development to provide Community Service Block Grant—American Indian Set Aside (CSBG) Program services to the Indian people of the State who are within the contracted service area. The CSBG service area currently includes 57 counties and 102 reservations and rancherias in California.

The primary purpose of the CSBG is the development and provision of programs that assist American Indian people to realize greater self-sufficiency through the principles of family and community self help. The statewide program is designed to provide services in a highly efficient manner as a result of "piggy backing" CSBG projects onto established American Indian programs operated regionally throughout the state.

In an effort to use the majority of CSBG funds for direct services, NCIDC has developed a state wide community service network. The network consists of the NCIDC and three subcontractors that deliver CSBG services to Indian people residing in the off-reservation areas of the State, and the tribal governments for which NCIDC receives CSBG allocations each Program Year.

Community Service Block Grant Subcontractors:

  • California Indian Manpower Consortium, Sacramento
  • Southern California American Indian Resource Center, El Cajon
  • Walking Shield, Inc., Costa Mesa

Recognizing the sovereignty and specific needs of the tribes, NCIDC contracts directly with each tribe that submits a proposal for use of their CSBG Program Year allocation. Though most yearly allocations are limited, the CSBG funds have launched some substantial efforts on reservation during the past twelve years. Tribes have used CSBG to leverage grants to build libraries, develop small business enterprises, develop playgrounds and other available funding opportunities. Some tribes use the allocations to assist members with food, energy assistance, and similar needs. Others have sponsored cultural gatherings for the youth, or provided meals or food to their membership.

Utilizing this method NCIDC has been able to maximize the impact of the limited amount of CSBG funds available to the American Indian community, enhance the impact of all program efforts, increase the amount of funds available for direct services, and provide a forum for statewide coordination of Indian employment, training and community service programs.

Information for Sub-Contractors Off-Reservation

Information for California Tribes (over $5,000)

Information for California Tribes (under $5,000 - EZ)

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